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Easily collect, process, and analyze betting odds in real time

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Oddsmagnet makes it easy to collect, process, and analyse real-time betting odds data, so you can integrate it to your website & get timely insights into odds comparison changes in real time. Oddsmagnet offers capabilities to cost-effectively process streaming betting odds data at any scale covering any sport or bookmakers.

Use cases:

Arbitrage betting

You can use betting odds api with odds comparison for finding arbitrage opportunities at scale.

Betting trends visualisation

With betting odds API you would easily track betting trends across different markets to enhance your betting strategy.

Machine learning

Build your own Betting outcomes predictions algorithm using Machine learning based on historical odds changes.



Oddsmagnet enables you to ingest and process odds comparison data in real-time, so you can get betting insights in minutes.


With Oddsmagnet odds API you can get access and process prematch odds data for any sports with very low latencies up to 10 minutes..



Which odds data package is right for you?

Odds API comparison guide:

We offer three odds comparison data packages for you to select from.

Our product comparison guide below illustrates the main differences between each of the packages.

Comparison table:

Embedded Odds gridsAggregated Odds dataPrematch Odds dataPrematch Odds API
Frequency of updatesLiveDailyLive (max 10min latency)Live
CoverageSpecific marketAll sportsAll sportsAll sports
FormatHTMLParquet filesParquet filesAPI
GranularityOne entry represents current odds per one bookmaker per outcomeOne entry represents daily odds update aggregated by all bookmakers per outcomeOne entry represents each individual odds update per specific bookmaker per outcomeOne entry represents current odds per one bookmaker per outcome
PriceFreeFree£100 per week/£300 per monthOn request